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Outstanding Victories

November 2019: Joyce and Associates had a granted Motion to Reopen from an Immigration Judge in Arizona. Client had a deportation order from 2004.

Joyce and Associates successfully obtained a green card for an EB-5 investor and derivative from China.

Attorney Tiffany Andrade & her team had three recent clients gain citizenship and are now proud Citizens of the United States. One client had to overcome the alleged lying or misrepresenting to an immigration official in order to get her citizenship, and she did. We prepped her thoroughly and explained everything to the officer; now she is a citizen. Another client had the “habitual drunkard” charge but overcame that as he has been sober for over 20 years and has now received his citizenship!

One client received a Stay of removal after ICE has been denying several clients’ stays. He now has the opportunity to file either a Motion to Reopen or an I-212 waiver to rid of his deportation order.

Joyce and Associates have successfully secured a Green Card for a client after it was initially denied during the first interview.

Many of our clients have had I-601A waiver approved, have gone abroad and returned with visas from countries including El Salvador and Brazil; other clients are now in the Consular Processing stage post I-601A approval.

Attorney Tiffany Andrade contributed to a Federal case class suit. Federal judge Mark Wolf accused the Department of Homeland Security of breaking its own rules by holding immigrants who are married or engaged to American citizens for extended periods without notifying them of their right to a hearing or notifying their attorneys.

We had a Motion to Reopen in Harlingen, TX granted. Client had a deportation order from 2001. He now is eligible for Cancellation of Removal and also is eligible for an I-601A waiver.

One client has been waiting a few years to have her daughter consular process from Brazil to the United States. We recently got her I-824 approved and now we are awaiting her interview at the consular office in Brazil so they can finally be reunited.

Attorney Kate Robins successfully represented a client from Haiti with a very complicated and long immigration case. The client had an old in absentia order and our firm was able to represent the client on an I-130 petition followed by an I-212 application with the Boston Immigration Court that were both approved. We then advised the client to request advanced parole because he had been approved for temporary protect status (TPS). Once the client was paroled in, he was able to successfully adjust in the United States instead of having to file an I-601A waiver and consular process in Haiti.

One client has been waiting about 1 year for his daughter to consular process from Uganda to the United States. After several inquiries from the Uganda Embassy and Legalnet reaching out to the Embassy, the client’s daughter has entered the United States to be reunited with her father after several years.

Attorney Kate Robins successfully represented a client from Brazil in obtaining a green card. The client had two previous entries into the United States on a tourist visa but was ordered removed during her third re-entry attempt for overstaying during a previous entry. Years later, in 2010, the client was successful in completing her own I-130 family petition, but was denied when she went to her interview at the Rio Consulate, for reasons she was not told.  The client gave up until this year, 2018, when her daughter hired us to help her. After several days of contact with the Rio Consulate and the National Visa Center we were able to re-activate her I-130 , which she had never maintained and were able to receive confirmation from the consulate that her ineligibilities had been waived and she could proceed in consular processing.

We were working with the Suffolk Law Defender’s Clinic for one of our clients. The Defender’s clinic managed to get all serious fraud charges dismissed in criminal court and now the client can renew his DACA! He has an I-130 pending and will be able to adjust his status after it is approved! If the charges were not dismissed, he would be unable to seek relief.

We filed a Habeas Petition in the Federal District Court of MA to stop our client’s deportation by ICE. He had an ICE check in scheduled less than two weeks after we filed the Habeas petition.

Top Reviews

December 2019: I just wanted to reach out and let you know what an amazing job Charlotte has done for us and our case. She was honest and very communicative along the process, which I imagine can be difficult handling numerous clients at the same time. She kept us positive, as much as she could, while waiting for movement in the case. She was ultra prepared for the interview and had great knowledge of our situation as well as my wife’s previous case. She was very personable and made us feel comfortable that our future was in good hands. As of last Wednesday our petitions were approved. We are beyond thrilled, and almost in disbelief that after all the waiting, we can begin to live a normal life together. I’d like to thank you again for assigning Charlotte to us. She is obviously very good at her job, but also very good at handling her clients. You are fortunate to have her on your team as we were to have her fighting for us. Sincerely

October 2019: Dear Judge Joyce, I wanted to reach out to you to thank you and update you on the impact your help a few years back has had on my life.I wanted to thank you for all of your guidance and let you know a positive outcome of one of your clients. Further, I am currently studying towards my doctorate at UMass Amherst with a focus on undocumented students in K-12 public schools. My experiences have inspired me to support others in immigration and will hopefully have an impact in the future.

May 2019: Special thanks to Stephanie ,Gregory Castillo and all the team that worked on my case in very professional way .Joyce and associates is the right place to go for any immigration case very helpful and professional.

April 2019: Charlotte Yates did an excellent job representing my mother in an immigration case. We were successful and delighted with her work. I cannot forget to thank Maria the paralegal who helped us since the beginning as well. Your words of hope and encouragement through an anguishing process were appreciated. Your insight was also beyond our expectations, looking forward to the day where you too will be an attorney. You will do great. To the people that helped us indirectly in the office also a big thank you to you. To anyone involved in my mother’s case there’s not enough I can write to show my thankfulness but here’s trying.

December 2018: I would like to thank Joyce & Associates and the team who worked very professionally on our families case. The team took a lot of care and attention throughout the entire process which concluded with great success. They were very quick to respond to any questions we had and were very easy to reach at any time.  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

This firm is truly amazing. What others lawyers could not do for years and years they were able to accomplish. I am so thankful to them they have given me a whole new life. Thank you so much

Immigration is  a very serious matter, and the process is long and very detailed to every single document that they help you to fill out. Its time consuming and time is money. Our case took over 2.5 years and we paid over 10k, and every question was answered and everything went exactly the way it was told. If you are looking for a cheap lawyer, its basically a bad lawyer. You pay for what you get.

I had a very difficult immigration case for my husband, at times I thought we would not be approved. Joyce and Associates is the place for any complicated immigration needs. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. They are experts in filing waivers. My paralegal, Maria, was with me through the whole journey. She is smart, easy to talk to and knows what she is doing. She has the experience to know that the details matter and she walked me through every step. My family has been reunited and that’s a beautiful thing.

I would recommend Joyce & Associates to anyone who wants a job well done. My lawyer, Bill Joyce and his team: Brian Doyle, Camila Valenzuela, and Maria Ordenez, are impeccable at what they do. Their prices are incredibly fair for all the hard work and effort they put into my case. They were always very honest as to how long certain things were going to take and how much things were going to cost. Every time that I needed their advice or help on the case, they were able to contact me and help me out so quickly. Whenever there was a bump in the road or something would go incredibly wrong in the case, they did everything in their right and power to try to fix it. Which is one of the most admirable things about this business; they truly care about what they do and I could not have asked for a better team to get me to where I am today.

I can’t say enough about the engagement and ultimate, positive result my wife and I experienced in working through a rather complex and messy immigration case with Joyce & Associates. A special thanks go to Brian Doyle, Camila Valenzuela and and their extremely capable assistant Maria Ordonez as well as Bill Joyce for his guidance and his wife for her assistance in dealing with ICE. Overall, the firms professionalism, engagement and knowledge of immigration law, their familiarity with Boston area immigration judges, prosecutors and general processes is outstanding! In addition, they are passionate about their work and compassionate about the emotions a family experiences going through the process. Further, to the point of passion about their work; they are connected with both immigrant rights organizations and press. Both in our complex case, I’m certain, played an indirect role in achieving a positive resolution. I highly recommend Joyce Lawfirm for any immigration issues.

My case was very hard and we went to consults with four different lawyers before Joyce and some of them didn’t look professional or they told us that it would be almost impossible. We set up an appointment with Joyce and he gave us hope and told us that we would have to go through 3 waves and it wouldn’t be easy but there was a chance. So we really liked when he told us that, instead of hearing that it was almost impossible from the other lawyers. We started out with Brian Doyle about 4 years ago. Mid way through the process we were switched to Camila Velenzuela and paralegal Maria Ordinez. They did an amazing job and I got my Green card. We are really happy with them and we  highly recommend them.

The best in Boston!!!

I wanted to take a moment to provide my feedback on the experience I had working with Joyce & associates and their team. I had the absolute pleasure of working with them last year and I have to say that it was one of the best experiences I have had so far as far as dealing with any law firm. They truly went above and beyond to provide the best service possible. I was extremely impressed with their professionalism, responsiveness and customer service excellence. I have to say that this law firm is top notch and I certainly recommend it to anyone.

Immigration News

January 2020: Congress has passed and the President has signed the Liberian Refugee Immigration Fairness Act (LRIF) which was part of the National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal year 2020. It allows Liberian nationals and their spouses, unmarried children under 21 years old, or unmarried sons and daughters 21 old or older living in the United States who meet the eligibility requirements to apply to become lawful permanent residents and to receive their green cards. To be eligible you must file the appropriate documents; show proof you are a national of Libeira; have been continuously physically present from November 20, 2014 and be admissible to the U.S. for LPR status or eligible for a waiver of certain inadmissibility grounds. Contact us for more details.

December 2019: The first Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that Massachusetts Au Pairs are entitled to overtime and other benefits under Massachusetts law, should kill J-1 visa program in Massachusetts. The J-1 State Department Au Pair exchange program has suffered a serious blow as First Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that Au Pairs under the program are entitled to all the benefits of Massachusetts employment law. This will increase costs an estimated 250 % which most families will have trouble absorbing. There are other options. Contact us for more information.

November 2019: “Fate of DACA immigrants may hang on vote of Chief Justice Roberts”, more info here!

May 2019: “Joyce and Associates, P.C. has a 75% 2020 H1B cap random selection rate in May 2019.”

Joyce and Associates contributed to a Federal case class suit. Federal judge Mark Wolf accused the Department of Homeland Security of breaking its own rules by holding immigrants who are married or engaged to American citizens for extended periods without notifying them of their right to a hearing or notifying their attorneys. Click here for more info.

Attorney Brian Doyle speaks with WBUR News about ICE arrests at USCIS Lawrence.

Premium Processing Suspended for H-1Bs. Please see our blog for more information.

Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly releases implementation memorandums to delineate new ICE priorities and instructions to local law enforcement when working with foreign nationals in criminal matters.  Kelly Memo. Memo 2.

President Trump issues travel ban for 7 countries. Please see our blog for up to date information on the effects of this ban.

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